Training Series
Strong Public Schools and a Multiracial Democracy

Activist with a mega-horn with text: “Advancing Honest Education: Strong Public Schools and a Multiracial Democracy - A Training Series Offered by Race Forward and NYU Metro Center”

Race Forward and NYU Metro Center, in partnership with other H.E.A.L. (Honest Education Action & Leadership) Together partners, is proud to offer public virtual trainings for students, educators, and parents to fight for strong, equitable public schools and a multiracial democracy. 

All trainings take place on Wednesdays at 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST starting on April 13th, 2022.

Please note: Because of the urgency of local campaigns, we have moved up  “Organizing for Education Justice: Parts 1 and 2” to start on April 27. “Narrative & Messaging” will take place on May 25. 

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April 13: The Manufacturing of Culture Wars and Policies of Division

This workshop will cover how the ultra-right are working to advance divisive public policy and have targeted critical race theory in their long term fight against public education. 

Led by Asma Elhuni and James Haslam from Race Forward, Megan Hester of NYU Metro Center, and author Jennifer Berkshire. 


April 27: Organizing for Education Justice, Part 1: Strategic Campaign Planning

This workshop will teach you how to create a campaign plan for effectively organizing your community to advance honest, accurate and fully-funded public education 

Led by Jay Travis from Midwest Academy and Eric Zachary. 


May 11: Organizing for Education Justice, Part 2: Outreach and Base-Building  

This workshop will teach you the core skills of outreach and base-building so that you can effectively organize your community to advance honest, accurate and fully-funded public education. 

Led by Eric Zachary and Aimée-Josiane Twagirumukiza at the Midwest Academy


May 25: Narrative & Messaging: Overcoming Divide-and-Conquer Politics with a Race-Class Framework to Unify Our Communities

This workshop will help you identify, navigate, and overcome the politics of division by examining the narratives used to attack public education and explore our narratives which can  unify our communities across the lines used to divide us.

Led by Race Forward's Dennis Chin, Vice President Narrative, Arts & Culture and Asma Elhuni, H.E.A.L. (Honest Education Action & Leadership) National Lead Organizer.


June 8: Culturally Responsive Education in Action: Policies that Advance Racial Equity 

This workshop will introduce you to culturally responsive policies and practices that you can advocate for in your school district or state to advance racial equity. 

Led by the NYU Metro Center and Dr. Leah Q. Peoples from Transformative Research


June 22: How School Boards Work: Taking Leadership in Public Education and Serving on School Boards

In this workshop you will learn about the function of school boards, what the role is of a school board member and the importance of serving in leadership roles in our public education systems. 

Led by Local Progress.


July 6: How Public Education is the Foundation for a Multiracial Democracy

This workshop will explore the role of public education in a democratic society. We will  introduce the history of the struggle against the oligarchs for multiracial democracy and the ongoing struggle to establish an equitable multiracial public education system.  

Led by Cathy Albisa and James Haslam, Race Forward