Episode 08: Addressing The Recent Anti-Asian Attack‪s

On this episode of Momentum, Chevon is joined by Dennis Chin, Race Forward’s Director of Strategic Initiatives for an important conversation around the recent/ ongoing anti-Asian attacks happening across the nation.

To root the conversation, Dennis shares his background in racial justice work, his experience recently having been targeted and accosted himself, and his experience working with Race Forward’s AAPI Caucus in crafting a statement after last month’s horrific acts of violence in Atlanta.

Chevon and Dennis share some examples relating to the history of anti-Asian racism in the United States, the history and complexities of how Asian immigrant communities and Asian-Americans have been positioned in America, and how narratives like the “Chinavirus” (in reference to COVID-19) and the “model minority myth” are harmful and can lead to the proliferation of racist acts of violence.

Lastly, Dennis and Chevon discuss the tensions that arise/exist between BIPOC communities that are a result of white supremacy and patriarchal systems at work, the conversations that are needed to dismantle these systems, and naming on the ground organizations that are directly addressing anti-Asian violence.

It is our hope that this episode helps ground you for the important work there is still to do over the next few months and years––  and like our hosts said “there is room for everybody in this fight”.


We’re excited to announce that Dennis will be back to co-host with Chevon the last two episodes of Season 2 of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, and we’re looking forward to having you listen in!


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Hendel Leiva, Cheryl Cato Blakemore

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Kendy Solis 


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