Clocking-In: Now in English & Spanish!!

Race Forward’s Clocking-In project is an innovative, interactive, multimedia tool that shows racial and gender inequities in the restaurant, retail, and domestic industries.

Check out highlights from Race Forward’s Google Hangout where we walk you through this multimedia tool along with Darrah Sipe of RetailAction, Alicia Garza, and Larry Swetman of ROC United. We introduce #ClockingIn and answer your questions!

Based on the real life experiences of workers across the United States, “Clocking-In” brings data, stories, and resources to support the collective action for fair treatment at work. Clocking-In ( was produced by Race Forward in partnership with Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC), Retail Action Project, and National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA).

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Clocking-In shows how people of color and women are disproportionately affected by unfair policies and practices related to wages, hours, mobility, and benefits. Clocking-In also highlights structural inequities that result in people of color and women being put into low wage work in these industries. 

Clocking-In has 3 major components:

  • A “Clocking-In” section that allows participants to step into the lives of workers and see how they experience discrimination.
  • A “Numbers” section with census data from 1980-2012 and shows how job discrimination occurs across race, gender, and occupation.
  • An “Action and Resources” section that provides ways for workers to get engaged and know their rights, and for consumers to support worker campaigns and take action in their daily lives.

Because of this project, people will be able to see that racial and gender inequities in U.S. work are not natural, are not merely a function of the economy, and are not simply reflective choices individuals make. Racial and gender inequities are the result of conscious decisions, policies, and practices. We have the power to collectively create good jobs for all workers by supporting fair work practices. We can create work that works for all of us.