Racial Equity Implementation Guide for Food Hubs


A guide to fostering conversations that can help food hubs deepen their racial equity practices.

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By Tamara Jones, Dara Cooper, Simran Noor, Alsie Parks

Racial Equity Implementation Guide for Food Hubs: A Framework for Translating Values into Organizational Action was created in response to a webinar presentation of the “Findings of the 2015 National Food Hub Survey.” Our conversations with funders and food hub operators revealed that while many hubs shared a general commitment to diversity and racial equity, they struggled to translate those values into daily operational decisions.

Much of the long-standing attention to diversity within the local food movement has focused on diversity understood as inclusion: increasing the presence of underrepresented groups within organizations. Inclusion is a necessary first step. However, it does not, on its own, address ongoing practices and structures that limit the participation of those who have been invited in.

This guide offers a framework for food hub organizations to take that crucial next step of constructive self-interrogation to more closely realize the promise of racial equity in the food hub sector. It presents the basic elements of our Racial Equity Implementation Guide framework, which privileges racial equity at multiple levels of food hub operations. The Racial Equity Implementation Guide for Food Hubs will:

  • Identify general areas of food hub operations.
  • Introduce the core principles of a racial equity framework. 
  • Use the principles as a lens to examine each area of food hub operations.

In so doing, we identify critical questions that can be used by food hubs to begin or deepen their racial equity work.

Download the Guide

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